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You can say a lot about a man just by looking at the type of shoes he wears. Undoubtedly, the attire a man clads himself in is a conscious statement of who he is, and who he wants to be. For men out there who want to project class, finesse and trendy, AURA Trends came into existence.

A burning passion for leather is what started all of this. The founders of AURA Trends loved leathers and collected the best quality of the finest leather products as a hobby. However, just collecting was not enough. Instead of keeping their passion as a mere pastime, they decided to transform it into a vision- to serve other leather enthusiasts who knew just how grand and luxurious leather shoes for men could be. 

The transformation was exquisite. AURA Trends did not just make shoes; we created well thought-out, masterly crafted footwear fit for royalty. The creators have stayed true to their word and created top quality leather masterpieces that fit the customers’ feet like a dream. With our thorough knowledge of the types and qualities of leather, we are able to craft shoes that not only look fantastic, but also fit comfortably and will last in the long run. 

Despite seeing great growth, AURA Trends is still in its infancy. We feel proud to be of Canadian origin. The company launched in 2011, but works with experiences leather craftsmen whose combined experience spans over half a century. The experience and skill these craftsmen bring to our shoes is unparalleled and adds a lot of personality to them. Long hours are spent on creating every piece of perfection and our products get you the spotlight in any social gathering. 

In this competitive, rat race of an era, AURA Trends does not intend to infinitely increase its customer base. We are, at the end of the day, the same people who collected leathers as a hobby. We respect the material and take a modest amount of orders that allow us to craft masterpieces full of quality and finesse that our customers expect from us. We’re fans of experimenting and go to extreme lengths to design just the shoe you want in a way that it even surpasses your expectations. With the skill and expertise our craftsmen have, we welcome all of your creative ideas and fantasies of the perfect shoe. 

Our product immediately put you in a better mood. Suffice to say, if the Grinch had the honor of wearing one of our luxurious and comfortable shoes, he most definitely won’t be in such a sour mood all the time. 

Thank you for visiting our page. Help us in giving leather the beauty and glory it deserves. We hope we satisfy you!


Welcome to AURAtrends shoe store. Our shoes are hand-made and all-leather pieces of art. We work very hard at every shoe produced. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We are proudly CANADIAN owned and operated. Thank you for visiting. Please connect with us on our social networks at the bottom of the page.

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We are extremely excited to share that we are accepting BitCoins on our website as well.  That makes things a lot easier for our customers.  Happy shopping. :)

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