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True style comes from a classic look, and these hand-made leather shoes from our premier line tell the world a story of refinement and luxury. Each pair of Akhal-Teke present themselves as the pinnacle of comfort, perfect to wear both daily or for that special occasion. 100% leather in a combination of goatskin lining provide breathability and comfort, with well-designed insoles engineered for the man on the move.

We use not only traditional cattle leather for the durability and comfort our customers have come to expect from us, but goat and sheep skin as well for that luxurious inner feel that places our handmade leather shoes on the feet of the most discerning customers the world over. Each is carefully stitched and cut to measure in standard sizes, with special attention made to the final fit and feel of each shoe. Comfort is a must- a shoe can look marvelous, but does little good without feeling wonderful as well.

Each pair comes complete with scratch-nullifying pouch and protective box for long lasting care. Hand-made in Canadian-off-shore facilities for quality and reliability, we guarantee your satisfaction 100%. Every shoe is a labor of love, and these gorgeously crafted leather shoes are no exception.

    Note: We only use cow/calf/goat/sheep skins


      Welcome to AURAtrends shoe store. Our shoes are hand-made and all-leather pieces of art. We work very hard at every shoe produced. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We are proudly CANADIAN owned and operated. Thank you for visiting. Please connect with us on our social networks at the bottom of the page.

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