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Reminiscent of the elegant spats and soles from the turn of the century, these glamorous showcases of handcrafted ingenuity and comfort provide a two tone look for bringing depth to both formal wear and everyday office foot wear. Lace up quality and a marriage of suede and supple leather support.

Ranging with a fashion statement of elegant design and a higher ankle for wondrous support, each pair of Englishman shoes drives their owner down memory lane where times were simpler and creativity in male fashion was of primary concern. The shoes are lined with soft hours of comfortable wear.

Crafted by hand of soft cow skin, our Englishman shoes are of the highest quality workmanship, proudly made in Canadian-owned offshore facility. Each pair comes with a soft pouch for wrapping protection, and a sturdy box for storage and long lasting life.

Perfectly matched for either formal or casual wear, these Englishman shoes match well with wide cuffs on pants demonstrating a lighter shade of brown or khaki, with lighter shades of color in sock choices.

    Note: We only use cow/calf/goat/sheep skins


    Welcome to AURAtrends shoe store. Our shoes are hand-made and all-leather pieces of art. We work very hard at every shoe produced. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We are proudly CANADIAN owned and operated. Thank you for visiting. Please connect with us on our social networks at the bottom of the page.

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