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Slip into absolute luxury with our red leather Terryfox shoes, crafted to make a statement whether in established fashion or a bold statement for setting trends. Each pair is lovingly and masterfully hand stitched to bring your opulent need for style and individuality to light. A high polish sheen protects your shoe’s supple leather exterior, while soft leather interior protects and cushions your feet for longer and more comfortable wearing.

Terryfox is made from 100 percent authentic leather, from the insoles to the tongues, with an attention to detail and craftsmanship found nowhere else. Each pair is Canadian ingenuity expressed with an eye for exquisite opulence and comfort control. Each shoe’s sole is created from sheets with technology that cushions the ball of your feet against soft leather padding for a stronger and more confident support.

Each luxury pair of red Terryfox shoes comes with a soft pouch and rigid storage box to ensure years of pleasure with proper care.

    Note: We only use cow/calf/goat/sheep skins



    Welcome to AURAtrends shoe store. Our shoes are hand-made and all-leather pieces of art. We work very hard at every shoe produced. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We are proudly CANADIAN owned and operated. Thank you for visiting. Please connect with us on our social networks at the bottom of the page.

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